Ed.D. Educational Leadership 2021 Recognition Ceremony

2021 EDDL Recognition Ceremony Banner

Introducing the Graduating Class of 2021

  • Slide Show with Music


  • Dr. Barbara Henderson
    Director, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership
  • Dr. Cynthia Grutzik
    Dean of the Graduate College of Education

Keynote Address

  • Dr. Angélica Garcia
    President, Berkeley City College
    (Graduating Class of 2011)

Cohort Speaker

  • Isauro Escamilla Calan
    Recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Achievement Award for the EdD Program

Hooding Ceremony

  • Dr. Sophie Clavier
    Dean of Graduate Studies
  • The Graduating Class of 2021


Dissertation Title

Sylvia Rodriguez Douglass "Tricky" and "Intense:" Examining Educators' Perception of the "Ability Line" in a High-Performing Independent School
  Chair: Dr. Laura Epstein      
Richard Bridges Examining Positive Outcomes: What Makes Black Learning Communities So Successful
                                                      Chair: Dr. George Barganier
Melody Chen Racial Microaggressions and Heritage Language Identity Among Chinese Heritage Language Learners
                                                       Chair: Dr. Yang Xiao-Desai
Eleanor Cundiff Understanding Principals' Agency in Reducing Teacher Attrition in High Poverty Schools: A Multi-Case Study
                                                       Chair: Dr. Sheldon Gen          
Dayamudra Dennehy Educate, Agitate, Organize: How a Community of Dalit Grassroots Educators are Transforming Learning in South India
                                                      Chair: Dr. Maricel Santos       
Gwendolyn DeWees Caught in the Intersection: Educational Trajectories of Emerging Bilingual High School Students With Disabilities
                                                      Chair: Dr. Barbara Henderson
Isauro Escamilla Calan Learning Stories - Improving Dual Language Instruction and Teacher Inquiry in ECE
                                                      Chair: Dr. Daniel Meier          
Mathew Espinosa Toward Linguistically Responsive Leadership
                                                      Chair: Dr. Maricel Santos       
Samantha Kessler The Virtual Front Door: How Digital inequities Impact Access to Online Education
                                                      Chair: Dr. Sheldon Gen          
Andrew King How Classroom Interactions Affect Student Engagement and Completion in Community College Transfer-Level Courses by Discipline and Race 
                                                      Chair: Dr. Barbara Henderson
Elizabeth McDonagh "We Were the Outcasts": Identity Development of Latinx Continuation High School Students
                                                      Chair: Dr. Maria Zavala          
Ellen Murray California's Geography of College Opportunity: Understanding Place-Based College Access & Success
                                                      Chair: Dr. Sheldon Gen          
Candice Paul One Caring Adult: Factors Affecting Teachers' Experiences During Social Emotional Learning Implementation
                                                      Chair: Dr. Brad Fogo  
Iris Phillips Black Feminist Digital Activism: Bridging the Gap Between Image Code-switching and Image Affirmation
                                                      Chair: Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer
Yohana Quiroz Trascendiendo Barreras [Transcending Barriers]: Testimonios of Latina Leaders in Early Care and Education
                                                      Chair: Dr. Daniel Meier          
Rochelle Reodica Lived Experiences of Multiracial Students in Independent Schools
                                                      Chair: Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales
Christian Rubalcaba Diversifying K-12 School Leadership Through Culturally Responsive Mentoring and Sociopolitical Consciousness
                                                      Chair: Dr. Ali Borjian  
Florentino Ubungen Kapwa: A Qualitative Study on Filipino American Male Community College Students
                                                      Chair: Dr. George Barganier
Julie Yick-Koppel Ethnic Studies & Creating Transformative Change in California Schools
                                                      Chair: Dr. Maria Zavala