Program Governance

Burk Hall at SF State University

Governance Structure


The SFSU Doctorate in Educational Leadership is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of faculty, staff, and students. The program is staffed by the Interim Director, the Interim Associate Director, the Graduate Coordinator, and the Academic Office Coordinator, and is overseen by the Deans of Graduate Studies and the Graduate College of Education.

 San Francisco State University EdD in Educational Leadership - Governance Structure and Bylaws for the Degree Program


Ed.D. Program Staff

Dr. Barbara Henderson, Interim Director

Dr. Andrea Goldfien, Graduate Coordinator

Alesha Sohler, Academic Analyst

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides direct oversight of all aspects of the program including: recruitment, admissions, curriculum, assessment, and other academic and administrative issues. The Committee supports the director in the day-to-day academic administration of the Educational Leadership Program. It is comprised of a minimum of 8 faculty members selected by the Governance Board and the Director. In addition, each year 3 student representatives are selected, one from each of the current cohorts.

Executive Committee Email
Henderson, Barbara
Goldfien, Andrea
Gabriner, Robert
Sisk-Hilton, Stephanie
Barganier, George
Torres, Carla
Bonner, Robert
Cooks, Jamal
Ubungen, Florentino - 2018 Cohort Representative  
Galano, Pamela - 2019 Cohort Representative  
Tobias, Wendy - 2020 Cohort Representative  
Leonor, Ana - 2020 Cohort Representative