Course Sequence

Classes are held on alternate Saturdays and Sundays during fall, spring, and summer semesters for eight semesters. Students proceed through the program with their cohort and take all classes together. Below is a typical course sequence.

First Year

First Year
Fall 1 EDDL 910:
Transformational Leadership and Coalition Building
EDDL 932:
Transformational Strategies to Address Inequality in Education and Society
EDDL 961:
Seminar: American Education Leadership
Spring 1 EDDL 930:
Qualitative Analysis for Education Theory, Practice, and Transformative Leadership
EDDL 931:
Quantitative Analysis of Structural Inequality in Education
EDDL 962:
Seminar: Analyzing Critical Curricular Issues
Summer 1 EDDL 920:
Literacy and English Language Learners

EDDL 963:
Seminar: Linking Theory and Practice

EDDL 999:
Independent Study (CR/NC Only)

Second Year

Second Year
Fall 2 EDDL 921:
Theories of Learning and Student Development in Math and Science
EDDL 941:
Accountability and Performance of Educational Organizations
EDDL 964:
Research Seminar: Analyzing Instruction and Learning
Spring 2 EDDL 942:
Integration of Planning and Budgeting
EDDL 945:
Communication Techniques and Strategies in Educational Leadership
EDDL 965:
Research Seminar: Dissertation Research Design
Summer 2

EDDL 940:

Policy, Law, and the Political Economy of Education

EDDL 966:

Research Seminar: Dissertation Data Collection

EDDL 999:

Independent Study (CR/NC Only)

Third Year

Third Year
Fall 3 EDDL 911:
Organizational Behavior, Ethics, and Systemic Reform
EDDL 997:
Dissertation Seminar – Early Stage (CR/NC repeatable)

EDDL 999:
Independent Study (CR/NC Only)

Spring 3 EDDL 912:
Advanced Educational Leadership Seminar
EDDL 998:
Dissertation Seminar (CR/NC Only)

EDDL 999:
Independent Study (CR/NC Only)