Course Sequence

Classes are held on alternate Saturdays and Sundays during fall, spring, and summer semesters for 8 semesters. Students proceed through the program with their cohort and take all classes together. Below is a typical course sequence.

First Year

Fall 1 EDDL 910:
Transformational Leadership and Coalition Building
EDDL 932:
Transformational Strategies to Address Inequality in Education and Society
EDDL 961:
Seminar: American Education Leadership
Spring 1 EDDL 930:
Qualitative Analysis for Education Theory, Practice, and Transformative Leadership
EDDL 941:
Accountability and Performance of Educational Organizations
EDDL 962:
Seminar: Analyzing Critical Curricular Issues
Summer 1 EDDL 920:
Literacy and English Language Learners
EDDL 931:
Quantitative Analysis of Structural Inequality in Education
EDDL 963:
Seminar: Linking Theory and Practice

Second Year

Fall 2 EDDL 921:
Theories of Learning and Student Development in Math and Science
EDDL 912:
Advanced Educational Leadership Seminar
EDDL 964:
Research Seminar: Analyzing Instruction and Learning
Spring 2 EDDL 911:
Organizational Behavior, Ethics, and Systemic Reform
EDDL 940:
Policy, Law, and the Political Economy of Education
EDDL 965:
Research Seminar: Dissertation Research Design
Summer 2 EDDL 942:
Integration of Planning and Budgeting
EDDL 945:
Communication Strategies and Techniques for Educational Leadership
EDDL 966:
Research Seminar: Dissertation Data Collection

Third Year

Fall 3 EDDL 997:
Dissertation Seminar - Early Stage (C/NC repeatable)

EDDL 999:
Independent Study (CR/NC Only)


Spring 3 EDDL 998:
Dissertation Seminar (CR/NC Only)

EDDL 999:
Independent Study (CR/NC Only)