EDD Student Dissertations

We are proud to provide access to the dissertations that our students have written as part of the requirement for their doctoral degree. Below is a list by cohort of titles with a link to ScholarWorks, a searchable database where the actual dissertations are available. To search our full collection of doctoral dissertations, you can follow the link to ScholarWorks.

2007 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2010

Graduate Dissertation Title
Deborah Budd Institutional Effectiveness and the Relationship to African American and Latino Transfer Rates
Michelle Donohue Supervision and Career Advancement of Women in Higher Education Administration
Janet L. Egiziano How Gendered Values Impact Institutional Effectiveness: A Case Study of Leadership
Matthew Harris Impactful Student Learning Outcomes of One-to-One Student Laptop Programs in Low Socioeconomic Schools
Matt Kritscher How Peer Mentors Affect the Persistence of Community College Students of Color
Vincent Matthews The Impact of Results Based Budgeting on the Oakland Unified School District
Alexis Montevirgen Consciousness, Resistance, and Praxis: Counter-Narratives of Transformative Leaders of Color
Newin Orante Transformative Leadership and Resistance: (Re)Constructing Self as Leader in Today's Community College
Curt Sanford Inquiries into L2 Writing Practice: Professional Learning Communities in Community College ESL
Stacey Shears Understanding African American Community College Transfer Students' Experiences: A Qualitative Case Study
William Watson Latino Educational Attainment in a California Community College: The Impact of Social Capital

2008 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2011

Graduate Dissertation Title
Gwen Agustin Response to Intervention: Moving Towards Equity and Social Justice in Special Education
Arelene Daus Courageous Hope: Critical Leadership Praxis of Pin@y Educational Partnerships
Lawrence Edwardson Adult ESL Learner Transition: Insights into Participation in a Community of Practice
Luis Escobar Breaking Barriers: A Qualitative Study of the Educational and Social Transformational Experiences of Latino Males
Vidrale Franklin The Perspectives and Experiences of African American Female Elementary School Principals
Michael Gallagher Compassion, Accountability, and Collaboration: Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools
Angelica Garcia Ser Educada: The Persistence and Resistance Strategies of First-Generation Latinas
Raymond Kaupp The Gap Between Latino and White Student Achievement in Online Classes
Amy Lee Negotiating Space: Critical Race Counterstories of First-Generation College Students of Color
Pamela Mery A Mixed Methods Study of a Statistics Pathway for Community College Students Placed into Developmental Mathematics
Susan Myers Community College Counseling, Student Education Plans, and Educational Outcomes : A Quantitative Analysis

2009 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2012

Graduate Dissertation Title
Lisa M. Andrew Professional Development That Prepares Administrators To Lead Organizational Change
Scott Cline Impact of the Institutional Financial and Process on Students of Color
Dayo M. Diggs "Planned Happenstance": African American Retention Programs Promoting Completion With Cultural Relevant Pedagogy
Jefferson L. Flowers Understanding and Unlocking the Potential of Online Academic Advising
Theresa E. Hansen Promising Pedagogical Practices in African American Learning Communities
Jeanne Louise Knapp An Analysis of Environmental Sustainability Instruction in California Public High Schools
Savita Malik Engaging in the Beautiful Struggle: Influence of Faculty Learning Communities on Teaching
Joseph McCreary One School's Journey Through Understanding and Implementing Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices: A Principal's Perspective
Deepa Mukherjee Implementation and Impact of State-Mandated Intervention for Schools in Program Improvement
Roseann Myers Promising Student Services Practices in the African American Learning Community
Victoria M. Quijano Writing in Disciplines: A Student of an Upper Division Writing Assessment Policy at SFSU
Laurie Ann Scolari First-Generation Students of Color: Easing Their Transition to Community College
Darrick A Smith Staff Culture and School Transformation: Enabling at a Small School for Equity
Lygia Stebbing Supporting Diversity in the Early Childhood Workforce
Kelly M Stuart Taking Science to Afterschool: Supporting Identity Development for Low-Income Latino Youth
Patricia Sullivan A Trail of Breadcrumbs: Black Early Childhood Education Student Success in Higher Education
Lisa A Thomas A Phenomenological Study: An Analysis of No Confidence Votes Among Presidents in California Community Colleges
Sharon Turner Community Based Organizations as Initiators of Partnerships with Community Colleges
Lorianne R. Ventura Impact of TIming of Algebra on Future Mathematics Achievement
Maria D. Villanueva Transforming Parents, Students, and Community: A Case Study of the Madres Involucradas Program

2010 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2013

Graduate Dissertation Title
Lael Adediji Transfer Students: Actions for Success and Perceptions of University Support
Jeffery Alves Technology Practices of High School Social Science Teachers in Socioeconomically Diverse Classrooms
Blanca Arteaga It's About Being Genuine and Having Heart: Latinos' Perspectives of College Counseling
Brenda Bachechi How Teacher's Efficacy Impacts Their Attitude Towards the Inclusion of All Learners
Kathrina Bell Similar Goals & Dueling Agendas: Perceptions of Campus Internationalization and Equity Policies
Thomas Drescher The Impacts of Differential Resources in California Basic Aid Elementary School Districts
Lisa Everett Re-envisioning Professional Development: A Case Study of a California Community College
Jacqueline Vo Felbinger Examining the Association of District Size and the Opportunity Gap: A Mixed Methods Study
Andrea Goldfien Planting Seeds for Implementation: Expanding Access Through Community College STEM Bridge Programs
Rama Kased Countering Oppression: Examining Metro's Model of Social Justice Education
Julissa Mendoza Gonzalez Harvesting Hope Through La Corrida: The Experiences of Highly Moblie Migrant High School Students
Macheo Payne The Three Commitments: Critical Race Theory and Disproportionate Suspension of Black Males
Richard Ramos Stopping at the Starting Line: Community College Students Who Apply But Do Not Enroll
Damien Robinson Out of the Mouths of Babes: Hope & Hopelessness in Middle School Students of Color
Tara Taupier In Other's Words: How Important is Critical Pedagogy For Students of Color in a Suburban High School?
Anjanette Winckler The Role of the Principal at High Performing Title I Schools

2011 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2014

Graduate Dissertation Title
Diana Balgas Predictive Factors in Baccalaureate Degree Attainment Among Latin@ College Students
Darren Battaglia Teacher and Organizational Characteristics Predict Teacher Retention
Eric Claravall Creating and Sustaining Classroom Knowledge Through Teacher Research: Morphology as Design Intervention for Struggling Learners
Megan Corry The Evolution of Crisis at City College of San Francisco
Meredith Dillon Male Pacific Islander Student-Athletes at the California Community College
Ana Gutierrez Bridging the Community College Divide: Developing Homegrown Educators in Salinas
Jeanine Hawk Show Me the Money: Investment in Equitable Outcomes for California Community College Students
Carol Hill Putting the Community in Community Schools
Armineh Noravian Building Technical Capital Among Community College Students In Advanced Technological Education
Avani Patel An Evaluation Study of Ravenswood's Youth Transitioning To And Through High School
Carissa Purnell Amor Sin Condiciones: The Impact of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy on Latin@ Students
Kelvin Quan Academic Journeys of Chinese American High School Girls and Their Immigrant Parents
Marla Williams Dollars and Sense: Examining Academic Investments in Urban Continuation School Programs
Rebecca Wong Factors That Promote the Adoption Of Acceleration Among Community College Mathematics Faculty

2012 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2015

Graduate Dissertation Title
Francisco Castillo Baccalaureate Completion for AD-T Business Administration Students at San José State University
Lori Capizzi Implementation for Students in Foster Care: A Case Study of Three School Districts
Omar Murillo Family Away from Home: Support Systems for Multi-Generational Hispanic Students at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)
Courtney Paulger Voices of Successful Women Advanced Technological Education Graduates: Counternarratives
Mark Reibstein Amplifying Teacher Voice: Veteran High School Teachers During CCSS Implementation
Nancy Reyes The Desire to Persist: Voices of First-Generation Latino Community College Students
Kathleen Schoenecker Implementing Student Success and Support Program Services in a California Community College District
Christine Solari It's Tensious Work": A Case Study of Anti-Racist Educators
Mary Streshly Change Leadership and Female Superintendents

2013 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2016

Graduate Dissertation Title
Trisha Gonzales-Waters Therapeutic Classrooms as Refuge for Students with Behavioral Problems
Julie Jang Special Education Transition: Preparing Students with Learning Disabilities for Post-Secondary Education
David Lee Predictive Validity of TOOLS
Clyde Lewis Wehn 1st Feels Like 2nd: Understanding the Experiences and Academic Journey of California State University First Generaion Doctoral Students
Lillian Marrujo-Duck Talkiing Ourselves into Outcomes: Teaching, Learning, and Equity in California Community Colleges
Billy Martin A Case Study Investigation of Practices and Beliefs of Teachers at a STEM-Focused Elementary School
Angela Meeker Dance as Critical Consciousness: The Experience of Latino Students Participating in Baile Folklorico
Joshua Pong Effects of a Comprehensive Array of Droupout-Prevention Interventions: Responders vs. Non-Responders
Holly Royaltey Preparing Educational Leaders for Queer Inclusion in Schools
Valerie Royaltey-Quandt Level Up: Dual Enrollment in the AVID and International Baccalaureate Programs
Supinda Sirihekaphong Resurfacing Race: Recruitment & Retention of Faculty in the California Community Colleges
Maia Steward Collective Critical Conversations: A Pilot Study to Address Equity in a Suburban Teacher Induction Program
Timothy Weekes Culture and Character: A Case Study Analysis of Three High-Performing California Charter Schools Serving Minority and Low-Income Students

2014 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2017

Graduate Dissertation Title
Melissa Padilla Cervantes Program Evaluation: Gaining Access 'N Academic Success
Heather Clary-Wheeler Using Student Voice to Scale Up Success at Suburban Schools for Black and Latino Students
Alejandro Guerrero Identifying Transformative Teaching Practices for Chican@/Latin@ Community College Students
Nolan Higdon Effective Critical Media Literacy Pedagogy in Higher Education: Turning Social Justice Theory into Practice
Katrina Keating Noncognitive Variables for Placement: A Randomized Control Trial
Nancy Martinsen Taking Notice: The Lived Experiences of Pacific Islander Students in Higher Education
Vanessa Mercado Food and Housing Insecurity Among Students at a Community College District
Laurie Murdock Exploration of Professional Learning Communities on Instructional Practices for Latina/o Biliterate Students
Robert Nakamoto Pedagogy of Racial Dissonance: Managing and Counteracting Implicit Racial Bias in Education
Marlai Ouch Patterns of Academic Success of Southeast Asian Americans
Janine Saunders Educational Experiences of Incarcerated Youth: Doing School While Doing Time
Janelle Waldrep Strengths of First-Generation College Students in Education Abroad

2015 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2018

Graduate Dissertation Title
Ronald J Andrade The Influence of Validation on Academic Outcomes for Oceania Community College Students
Gina Carole Baleria Counteracting Othering: Increasing Belonging & Curiosity to Improve Student Success
John Ballard Anti-Racist Leadership in a High Performing Public High School: A Design-based Study of Detracking Mathematics
Wissem Chefai Bennani Contributors to the Successful Transfer of International Community College Students
Donald Frazier A Symbolic Interactionist Analysis of Undercredited Black Males' Socio-Academic Realities at a High-Achieving Public High School
Jose Lopez The Effects of Service-Learning on the Academic Success of First-Generation College Students
Vanson Nguyen Co-Constructing Power Relations in a Community College Mathematics Classroom
Roam Romagnoli Decarcerating California: A Critical Trans Politics Approach to Prison Higher Education
Arielle Joelle Smith Social Reproduction in the Community College Classroom

2016 Cohort: Dissertations from the Graduation Class of 2019

Graduate Dissertation Title
Ana Maria Barrera Testimonios of Undocumented Students in Higher Education: A Critical Latina Feminist Phenomenology
Sheryl Cavales Doolan Equity-Oriented Instructor Perspectives on Teaching Developmental English in the Community College
Charles Cole Beyond Grit and Resilience: How Black Men Impacted by the Crack Epidemic Succeeded Against the Odds to Obtained Doctoral Degrees
Tabitha Conaway "You Gotta Care": Hearing the Stories of Previously Incarcerated Youth in Community College
Samyalisa Enright Early Childhood Educational Leaders' Views on Preschool Discipline, Suspension, and Expulsion
Landon Hill Re-thinkin' Language Rules: The Educational and Psychological Impacts of African American Students Navigating Various Language Practices
Alexander Jones California State University Education to Employment Pipeline
Marilyn Jones The Comeback Queens: Understanding Black Women's Transition from Incarceration to Higher Education
Mary Reynolds The Development of Positive Mathematical Attitudes and Fifth Grade Female Students
Mallory Stevens Strengths of First-Generation College Students in Education Abroad