Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • The University FAFSA award: A small fund of grant money is set aside for doctoral students who qualify on the basis of need.
  • For assistance with SF State Financial Aid or other options for Ed.D students, please send questions and inquiries to Barbara Hubler, Director of Student Financial Aid by email ( or by phone (415) 338-2611.

Apply Now! It's time to File a 2016-2017 FAFSA. Students must apply every year to obtain or to continue receiving financial aid by submitting a FAFSA. Don't miss the FAFSA priority deadline for consideration is March 2, 2015


Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program

Applications are now being accepted for the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program. The program seeks to provide loans to doctoral students who are interested in applying and competing for CSU instructional faculty positions after completion of the doctoral degree.

College of Education Scholarships Open to Ed.D. Students

Crumpton/Baxter/Bonham Memorial Scholarships

  • Must be a continuing or prospective graduate, doctoral or credential candidate
  • Fall and Spring awards available.

Chris Larsen Scholarship

  • Must be a continuing or prospective graduate, doctoral or credential candidate
  • Fall and Spring awards available.

Hilda Taba Scholarship

  • Must be a continuing or prospective graduate, doctoral or credential candidate
  • Awards available spring semester only.
  • Preference to students with publications, creative works, research projects, or other evidence of outstanding academic record, including a GPA of 3.0 or higher.#

DEADLINES: Fall Semester: 1st week in March / Spring Semester: 3rd week in October


Nationally Competitive Fellowships and CSU Awards

Visit the Graduate Fellowships Office website to explore national fellowships and CSU system-wide awards for students pursuing or holding an Ed.D. The Fellowships Office provides feedback on applications for many of the programs listed on its site.

California State University Foundation – Hearst/CSU Trustees Award

  • The Hearst CSU Awards recognize students who have overcome adversity, demonstrated financial need, and have attributes of merit, including superior academic performance, significant personal achievements, and exemplary community service.
  • The award is for $3,000. The award amount will be greater for two Hearst CSU winners: one for the highest scorer, the second in recognition for outstanding public service: usually $6,000 and $10,000, respectively.
  • DEADLINE for 2015-2016

    Complete applications must be delivered to S.F. State's Fellowship Advisor, ADM 211, by Noon on March 19, 2015.

Graduate Equity Fellowship

  • The purpose of San Francisco State University's Graduate Equity Fellowship Program is to increase diversity by encouraging students with educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds and outstanding academic records to pursue and complete master's and doctoral degrees.
  • Under the Graduate Equity Fellowship Program, awards of up to $3,400 may be made to graduate students in master's degree programs, and up to $5,000 for graduate students in doctoral programs at San Francisco State University for the 2015-2016 academic year.

DEADLINE for 2015-2016 is May 4, 2015


ED.D Program Awards

Awards are available to students registered in the Ed.D. Program. These funds are for the specific purpose of research and travel.

Student Research Fellowship

  • An Award up to $3000 for research supporting doctoral study.
  • Award available for the semester following application.
  • Student must be enrolled full-time during semester of award.

Travel Award

  • An award up to $1500
  • Awarded to attend /present at educational conferences


For more information about the Ed.D. Program Awards, please contact the Ed.D. Program Office.