Our Educational Leadership faculty come from disciplines across the diverse campus and provide insights and perspectives critical to student learning and success.

Graduate College of Education      
Faculty Name Rank Department Email
Josephine Arce Assoc. Professor Elementary Education jarce@sfsu.edu
Ali Borjian Professor Elementary Education borjian@sfsu.edu
Davide Celoria Assoc. Professor ELSIT dceloria@sfsu.edu
Jeff Duncan-Andrade Assoc. Professor Raza Studies & ELSIT jandrade@sfsu.edu
Yanan Fan Assist. Professor Secondary Education yanan@sfsu.edu
Brad Fogo Assist. Prof. Secondary Education bfogo@sfsu.edu
Robert Gabriner Professor EdD in Educational Leadership gabriner@sfsu.edu
David Hemphill Professor ELSIT hemphill@sfsu.edu
Barbara Henderson Professor Elementary Education barbarah@sfsu.edu
Larry Horvath Assoc. Prof. Secondary Education lhorvath@sfsu.edu
Helen Hyun Professor ELSIT hhh@sfsu.edu
Mina Kim Assoc. Prof. Elementary Education minakim@sfsu.edu
Judith Kysh Assoc. Prof. Secondary Education jkysh@sfsu.edu
Ming-Yeh Lee Assoc. Prof. ELSIT mylee@sfsu.edu
Daniel Meier Professor Elementary Education dmeier@sfsu.edu
Irina Okhremtchouk Assist. Prof. ELSIT irinao@sfsu.edu
Stanley Pogrow Professor ELSIT stanpogrow@sfsu.edu
Nancy Robinson Professor Speech Language & Hearing Sciences nancyr@sfsu.edu
Stephanie Sisk-Hilton Assoc. Prof. Elementary Education stephsh@sfsu.edu
Maika Watanabe Professor Secondary Education watanabe@sfsu.edu
Maria Del Rosario Zavala Assist. Prof. Elementary Education mza@sfsu.edu
College of Health and Social Sciences      
Faculty Name Rank Department Email
Christopher Bettinger Assoc. Prof. Sociology cpb@sfsu.edu
Sheldon Gen Assoc. Prof. Public Administration sgen@sfsu.edu
Wanda Lee Professor Counseling walee@sfsu.edu
Graciela León Orozco Assoc. Prof. Counseling orozco@sfsu.edu
Genie Stowers Professor Public Administration gstowers@sfsu.edu
Darlene Yee-Melichar Professor Gerontology Program dyee@sfsu.edu
George Barganier Assist. Prof. School of PACE gbarg@sfsu.edu
College of Ethnic Studies      
Faculty Name Rank Department Email
Antwi Akom Professor Africana Studies akom@sfsu.edu
Wei Ming Dariotis Assoc. Prof. Asian American St. dariotis@sfsu.edu
Dawn-Elissa Fischer Assoc. Prof. Africana Studies drdef@sfsu.edu
Shawn Ginwright Assoc. Prof. Africana Studies shawng@sfsu.edu
Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales Professor Asian American St. aticu@sfsu.edu
College of Liberal & Creative Arts      
Faculty Name Rank Department Email
Gerianne Merrigan Professor Communication St. merrigan@sfsu.edu
Maricel G. Santos Professor M.A. TESOL Program mgsantos@sfsu.edu
Gust A. Yep Professor Communication St. gyep@sfsu.edu
College of Science & Engineering      
Faculty Name Rank Department Email
Eric Hsu Professor Mathematics erichsu@sfsu.edu
Name Position
Jamal Cooks, PhD Dean of Language Arts, Chabot College - jcooks@chabotcollege.edu
Angélica Garcia, EdD Vice President of Student Services, Skyline College
Alejandro Guerrero, EdD Professor of Counseling, Napa Valley College
Ray Kaupp, EdD Exec. Dir., Partnership Strategies, CA. Online Community College
Amy Lee, EdD Dean of Enrollment Services, College of Alameda
Keith Nainby, PhD Professor of Communication, CSU Stanislaus
Robert Nakamoto, EdD Director of Student Equity & Success, Chabot College
Janine Saunders, EdD MPH Director of Learning & Evaluation, The California Endowment
Laurie Scolari, EdD Former Director, Our Children Our Families Council of SF
Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, PhD Vice President of Instruction, Skyline College
Frances L. White, PhD Past President, College of Marin, Skyline College
David Wick, EdD Assist. Professor, Middlebury Institute of International Studies

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