Director of Evaluation and Learning

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Youth UpRising
East Oakland
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Youth UpRising

About Youth UpRising

In just a few years since it’s opening in 2005, Youth UpRising (YU) has gone from a barebones operation to a bustling, 25,000-square-foot, high-tech youth leadership development center.

YU serves Alameda County residents between the ages of 13 and 24 – primarily youth of color from low- income neighborhoods in East Oakland where the center is located. Through innovative, culturally relevant programming in the areas of Arts & Expression, Career & Education, and Health & Wellness. YU also operates three Social Enterprises consisting of YU Eat (food service), YU Clean (janitorial), and YU Green (landscaping.YU attracts an astounding and ever-expanding membership of over 4000 youth.

YU envisions community transformation driven by investments in youth and young adults that result in the personal, social and economic transformation of all residents.

YU exists to build healthy, economically robust communities in East Oakland and the surrounding county, creating social change by harnessing the leadership of young people through consciousness raising, personal transformation, hard skill cultivation and leadership development. For more information about Youth UpRising go to:

The Opportunity

YU offers the successful Director of Evaluation and Learning an opportunity to join a dynamic organization with a compelling mission and a successful track record of attracting, engaging and serving a high-risk population in strategies for personal, professional and community transformation.

In joining YU’s staff, the Director of Evaluation and Learning will become part of a high-performing, warm, diverse team that includes people indigenous to the community, those who are deeply committed to social change, and youth within our target population who help to keep the organization attuned to the current realities of youth culture.

The new Director of Evaluation and Learning will be positioned for significant success and ongoing professional growth, as YU develops the programs and practices that position us to become a national leader in urban community transformation.

Director of Evaluation and Learning - Position Summary

The Director of Evaluation and Learning is a seasoned, results-oriented professional with a successful track record of building an organizational culture of routinely using data to improve programs, performance and outcomes and experience in leading and conducting applied research and evaluation studies. This position will be responsible for the enhancement, oversight and management of the organization’s performance measurement systems and processes, for promoting the practice of using data as a critical tool for program modification and improvement and for ensuring that the appropriate analyses and reports are prepared and disseminated to meet internal and external reporting and compliance requirements. In addition, the Director of Evaluation and Learning, in collaboration with the Leadership Team, will coordinate and support external evaluators and consultants to prepare for and implement a rigorous evaluation of YU programs.


The Director of Evaluation and Learning will supervise the Data and Reporting Analyst and serve as a primary day-to-day resource throughout the organization around data, performance management and evaluation activities. The Director of Evaluation and Learning will ensure that data is routinely collected and reviewed to support management and staff to ensure that program implementation meets quality, fidelity and accountability standards and is based on robust research relevant to YU’s work. This position requires an individual with deep practical experience and the capacity to infuse and sustain a data and evidence-based culture of learning and continuous quality improvement.


  • ·  Manages the performance management and evaluation activities and practices of the organization.
  • ·  Establishes and implements operational goals for the department as a basis for productivity, performance, results and accountability.
  • ·  Hires, trains, develops, supervises and evaluates department staff, interns and/or volunteers.
  • ·  Designs, facilitates and supports routine practices and training to promote and ensure the use of data to improve program implementation, modifications, accountability and outcomes across the organization and program sites.
  • ·  Develops, manages and refines data collection, analyses and reporting tools and instruments for use across programs and the organization, including for direct service staff, management and executive teams and for the Board of Directors.
  • ·  Establishes and implements comprehensive standards, policies, procedures and training to support efficient, accurate and timely data tracking and to ensure data quality and integrity, including reliability and validity.
  • ·  Establishes standards and oversees the timely completion and dissemination of external reports to meet public and private funder and compliance requirements.
  • ·  Establishes standards and manages the analyses, preparation and dissemination of internal reports around program and youth progress reports and to support the organization’s annual performance evaluations.
  • ·  Designs, prepares and updates regular reporting tools (e.g. quarterly dashboards) to keep management, the Board of Directors and external partners informed around key performance metrics

Database Management

· Fully responsible for the management, operations, troubleshooting and upgrading of the organization’s decentralized Apricot-based database and Qlik business intelligence software to support the full range of organizational data needs across programs and sites. Manages all data related to vendor relations, including with Social Solutions (Apricot database provider) and other providers as needed. Develops routine and specialized trainings and provides technical assistance to ensure that staff across the organization and program sites are fully trained and able to access and utilize key database tools and reports.

Research and Evaluation

· Collaborates with the Chief Executive Officer, senior management and external consultants/evaluators to support the design and implementation of ongoing rigorous evaluation studies.

  • ·  Develops, manages, and maintains a user-friendly and up-to-date repository of internal and external research, evaluation findings, historical data analyses and resources on foster-care, transition age youth, and comparable populations and programs.
  • ·  Disseminates research, analytic reports and relevant data, including emerging findings to support staff and program improvement.

Position Requirements and Qualifications

  • ·  Master’s degree in related field.
  • ·  Minimum of five (5) years of experience in social science research and/or program evaluation, demonstrating progressively higher levels of responsibility in managing and leading complex data management, research and evaluation projects.
  • ·  Minimum of three (3) years of supervisory experience, directing technical and non-technical staff
  • ·  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate sophisticated technical data into accessible, actionable and meaningful information for decision-making and program improvement.

Competency Requirements

  • ·  ATTENTION TO DETAIL – Ability to work with high level of detail, work has high level of professional polish down to smallest details, documents and products are well thought out and clear, database is organized and up to date.
  • ·  PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS – Exceptional ability to plan, execute and manage departmental projects, and staff assigned to those projects, to ensure timely completion of deliverables. Strong organizational skills are strongly desired.
  • ·  DRIVEN BY ACCOMPLISHMENT – Clarity on project goals and the personal drive to wake up every morning ready to accomplish goals, finished projects are thorough and delivered on time. High level of personal accountability for the quality and impact of work.
  • ·  COMPUTER SKILLS – Proficiency with Office applications including MS Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint and Project. Experience with database systems. Strong capacity with SPSS and SQL is strongly preferred.
  • ·  STRONG COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Exceptional oral and written communication skills including the demonstrated ability to research, assimilate, and analyze information, compose engaging messages, and present data in a clear and inspiring manner.
  • ·  HIGH LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM – a high level of professionalism in work and interpersonal interactions with both internal and external contacts, presents to others as organized, informed, and friendly.
  • ·  DECISIVE NATURE - Well-honed ability to independently anticipate and analyze situations, define problems and objectives, recognize viable alternatives, and formulate rapid solutions, with understanding of the inherent risks and the implications of making tough decisions.
  • ·  Availability - for occasional evening and weekend work and some travel as needed.

Core Competencies - required of all staff for successful performance at YU

  • ·  HIGH PERFORMANCE - Strong work ethic • Results oriented • High energy • High integrity • Reliability • Committed to Excellence • Takes initiative and gets things done • Demonstrated success in an entrepreneurial setting, with the ability to think strategically while executing tactically within a resource-constrained environment •
  • ·  ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS - Detail oriented • Tracks results • Demonstrates good work habits • Effectively uses their and other people’s time • Comes to tasks/meetings well prepared • Has basic computer skills • Develops efficient systems, processes and tools •
  • ·  FLEXIBILITY - Adapts to new information or circumstances • Willing to wear many ‘hats’ to get the job done • Creative in troubleshooting and finding solutions • Able to flourish in a fluid environment •
  • ·  POSTITIVE ATTITUDE - Able to maintain composure, hope and a sense of humor amid challenges • Able to remain positive and see solutions among difficult issues • Stamina • Able to manage and diffuse stress •
  • ·  SOCIAL SKILLS - Able to work with a variety of people • Able to communicate with respect and clarity • Open to different viewpoints • Able to disagree without animosity • Self-aware • Compassionate • Collaborative • Able to give and receive candid feedback • A role model •
  • ·  CRITICAL THINKING - Thinks interdependently, framing the goals of one department/project within the entire vision • Sees current issues and challenges within a broad framework • Makes decisions that have the greatest long and short term positive impact • Thinks ‘outside the box’ – beyond given paradigms • Able to access resources (money, people) to advance solutions • Able to reflect on and improve both content and delivery • Open to developing awareness of the structural factors (socioeconomic context) impacting our communities •

Start Date: Immediate. Applications accepted until position is filled. Compensation: Competitive, commensurate with experience. Full benefits.

How to Apply: Email resume, cover letter and four professional references to Include “Director of E&L – [Your Name]” in the subject line.

Youth UpRising is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Youth UpRising strives to reflect the diverse community it serves. Applicants who contribute to this diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.

Competitive, commensurate with experience. Full benefits
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Masters Degree Required: