Tenure Track Faculty Position - University of Utah

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Andrea Rorrer

This is a regular, full-time tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor or Association Professor.

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) offers various graduate K-12 and higher education programs, including:

K-12 Programs

• M.Ed. in Teacher Instructional Leadership. The teacher leadership program develops instructional leadership capacity ineducators to enhance instruction and learning through leadership development in K-12 schools.

• M.Ed. with administrative licensure program in K-12 school administration. The K-12 school administration program supports potential administrators in developing the knowledge and skills essential for effective leadership practice in K-12 schools.

Higher Education Program

• M.Ed. program in higher education student affairs. The higher education master’s program emphasizes student affairs administration and by linking theory with practice provides a broad base on which students may build and advance their careers within higher education.

• Community College Leadership and Teaching Certificate. This opportunity is designed to provide current and aspiring community college leaders and faculty with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to be effective leaders and instructors in the diverse and complex community college context; to develop leaders and faculty as social justice advocates who can effectively design and implement policies, practices, and learning experiences that promote equitable learning experiences and outcomes.

Departmental Doctoral Programs

• The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program is designed to provide advanced professional preparation to individuals with experience working as administrators/leaders in K-12 public schools, charter schools, higher education, or related educational organizations for applied research and dissemination and use of research and evaluation. There is an EdD with administrative licensure option for students in the K-12 program.

• The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program is designed especially for those who seek research or scholarly inquiry careers in higher education as high-level administrators, university professors, researchers, or research and policy analysts in educational agencies and research organizations.

The ELP Department is closely linked with the Utah Education Policy Center (UEPC). The UEPC is an independent, non-partisan University of Utah research center in the College of Education that bridges research, policy, and practice for Utah public schools and higher education. The purpose of UEPC is to improve the quality of educational policies, practices, and leadership in Utah K-20 schools to increase educational access and opportunities for all children and adults in Utah, particularly for those who have been marginalized. The UEPC seeks to inform and influence educational policy in Utah and the region to increase educational equity, excellence, access, and opportunities for all children and adults in Utah.

The ELP Department collectively values and actively promotes a commitment to equity and social justice within the study of educational leadership and policy in the K-12 and higher education arena. Faculty and students engage in research, outreach, service,and teaching to improve the educational conditions and opportunities of underserved students and their families. In addition, department faculty are active and often serve in leadership roles in the local educational environment and national professional associations such as ASHE, NASPA, AERA, UCEA, and ELA.

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