Ed.D. Faculty Publications



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Jamal Cooks 

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Jeff Duncan-Andrade

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Shawn Ginwright

Ginwright, S., Gilgoff, J. (2014). Toward More Equitable Outcomes: A Research Synthesis on Out-of-School Time Work with Boys and Young Men of Color.






David Hemphill

Hemphill, D., & Blakely, E. (2014). Language, nation, and identity in the classroom: Legacies of modernity and colonialism in schooling.


Co-authored (together with Erin Blakely, a former student) a chapter for a book edited by Donaldo Macedo, as follows:

Hemphill, D. & Blakely, E. (In Press). English language learning in globalized third spaces: From monocultural standardization to hybridized translanguaging. In D. Macedo (Ed.), Decolonizing foreign language education. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.


Co-authored (together with Ming-yeh Lee and Jake Perea) a chapter for a book edited by Shibao Guo, as follows:

Lee, M.Y., Hemphill, D., & Perea, J. (In Press). Teaching in transnational spaces: A short-term study abroad journey in China. In S. Guo (Ed.), Spotlight on China: Chinese education in the globalized world. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.






Andrew Jolivette

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Judith Kysh

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Wanda Lee

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Geri Merrigan 

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Maricel Santos

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Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales

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Gust Yep

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