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Sheldon Gen is an associate professor in the School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, with primary teaching responsibilities in the MPA program. He studies public engagement in policy making processes, and focuses on environmental and education policy issues. These interests stem from his prior employment and consultancies with many public and nonprofit organizations in the areas of education, environment, transportation, and development. He holds a BS (Cal Poly) and license in civil engineering, a MPA (USC, with honors), and a PhD (Georgia Tech, with honors) in public policy. He is also an alumnus of the Presidential Management Fellowship (US Environmental Protection Agency) and the Peace Corps (Kenya).

Dr. Gen has been an active part of the EdD faculty since its first class of students in 2007. In this program he has taught courses on education policy (EDDL 940), organizational accountability (EDDL 941), and quantitative analysis (EDDL 931). Outside the EdD program, he also teaches courses in public administration, public policy, environmental policy, policy analysis, program evaluation, research methods, survey research, and data analysis. Dr. Gen has served on dozens of dissertation committees, and particularly enjoys working with students whose research intersects education with public policy, public administration, or environment.

Chair, Dissertations Completed

  • Lopez Libertad, Jose (2018). Experientia Docet: The Effects of Service-Learning on the Academic Success of First-Generation Students.
  • Cervantes, Melissa (2017). Increasing the Academic Success of Latino Transfer Students: Evaluating the GANAS Program.
  • Mercado, Vanessa (2017). Food and Housing Insecurity Among Students at a Community College District.
  • Sirihekaphong, Supinda (2016). Resurfacing Race: Recruitment and Retention of Faculty in California Community Colleges.
  • Balgas, Diana (2014). Predicting Factors in Baccalaureate Degree Attainment Among Latin@ College Students.
  • Drescher, Thomas (2014). The Impacts of Differential Resources in California Basic Aid Elementary School Districts.
  • Adediji, Lael (2013). Transfer Students: Actions for Success and Perceived Institutional Support.
  • Andrew, Lisa (2012). Professional Development that Prepares Administrators to Lead Organizational Change that Narrows the Achievement Gap.
  • Knapp, Jeanne (2012). An Analysis of Environmental Sustainability Instruction in California Public High Schools.
  • Mukherjee, Deepa (2012). Implementation & Impact of State-Mandated Interventions for Schools in Program Improvement.
  • Harris, Matthew (2010). Impactful Student Learning Outcomes of One-to-One Laptop Programs at Low Socioeconomic Schools.

Select Publications, Reports, Presentations

  • 2019. Gen, S. & Luger, E. Does mode of public outreach matter? In Kerley, R., Liddle, J., & Dunning, P.T. (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of International Local Government. New York: Routledge. Pages 307-324.
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  • 2015. Brilliant, E., Bushouse, B., Gen, S., Mosley, J., & Shockley, G. Mobilizing for social change: theories and frameworks to connect disciplinary silos. Annual Conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Chicago, IL
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  • 2015. Gen, S. & Knapp, J. Policy implementation challenges in sustainability education. Annual Conference of the American Society for Public Administration, Chicago, IL
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  • 2012. Gen, S., & Hansen, T. Evaluation of CCSF’s Writing Success Project: Academic Year 2010-2011. City College of San Francisco, CA. 21 pages.
  • 2012. Gen, S. & Robinson, D. Evaluation of 6th Grade Mentoring in SF Promise, 2011-2012. San Francisco State University. 36 pages.
  • 2010. Gen, S., Kooiker, M., & Issenberg, J. Differentiating teacher attrition at lower and higher performing schools. American Education Research Association's Annual Meeting.
  • 2009. Paarlberg, L. & Gen, S. Exploring the determinants of nonprofit coproduction of public service delivery: the case of k – 12 public education. American Review of Public Administration, 39(4): 391– 408.
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