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Judith Kysh is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Secondary Education and Mathematics at San Francisco State University. She teaches graduate courses in mathematics education and research methods, credential courses for secondary mathematics teachers, and undergraduate mathematics courses for future teachers.

As a co-founder of the College Preparatory Mathematics Program (CPM) she has co-authored four textbooks and contributed to three others, which are used nationwide at the middle and high school levels, and she continues to serves as a Director and Board Member for the non-profit organization, CPM Educational Program, which provides professional development for teachers across the US.

With Eric Hsu and Diane Resek (Mathematics), for the past seven years she has co-directed the REvitalizing ALgebra project (REAL), a San Francisco State partnership with eight Bay Area middle schools and high schools.

     She began her work in math education in 1962, as a teacher in the Tamalpais Union High School District, and then worked with teachers and taught math at Elmhurst Junior High and Castlemont High in Oakland with a UC Berkeley partnership program. In 1982 she became the Director of the Northern California Mathematics Project at UC Davis, where she worked with K-14 teachers of mathematics in a variety of professional development, curriculum, assessment, and teacher research projects, and helped to establish the California Mathematics Project, which she coordinated during its first two years. Judy joined the faculty at San Francisco State in 2000.

     Her research interests are in the areas of mathematics education, particularly classroom discourse, and in teacher research and school change.


  • Ph.D. Mathematics Education, University of California, Davis, 1999.
  • California Teaching Credential-General Secondary Life Diploma, 1971.
  • M.A. Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1966.
  • A.B. Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1962.

Chair, Dissertations Completed


Recent Articles

  • Hsu, E., Kysh, J., Ramage, K., & Resek, D. (2009). Helping Teachers Un-structure: A Promising Approach. The Montana Math Enthusiast, 6 (3).
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  • Kamii, C., & Kysh, J. (2006). The difficulty of "length x width": Is a square the unit of measurement? Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 25, 105-115.

Recent Textbooks

  • Dietiker, L., Kysh, J., Sallee, T., Hoey, B. (2010). Making Connections: Foundationsfor Algebra, Course 1. Sacramento, CA. CPM Educational Program.
  • Dietiker, L., Kysh, J., Sallee, T., Hoey, B. (2010). Making Connections: Foundations for Algebra, Course 2. Sacramento, CA. CPM Educational Program.
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  • Johnson, K., Herr, T., Kysh, J. (2004). Crossing the River with Dogs: Problem Solving for College Students. Emeryville, CA: Key College Publishing. Now revising for publication by John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ (2011).