Christopher Bettinger

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Chris Bettinger, Associate Professor of Sociology, has been at San Francisco State since 1996. His work focuses on racial conflict in the United States and civil society in the Pacific Rim. His latest projects focus on immigrant health in California and the use of statistics in the construction of racial knowledge. He is currently completing a book manuscript, tentatively entitled The Color of Numbers. He works with Project Rebound, an effort aimed at helping formerly incarcerated individuals transition to higher education, and the Digital Information Virtual Archive (DIVA), a technology effort aimed at increasing public access to knowledge.

Research Interests

Racial and ethnic conflict, civil society (particularly in the Pacific Rim), mass culture, history of racial science, quantitative analysis.


  • Bettinger, C. P. (Under second review). Why wasn't Udny Yule a eugenicist?. Journal Electronique d'Histoire des Probabilites et de la Statistique.

  • Lo, M. C. M.  & Bettinger, C. P. . (2009). Civil solidarity in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The China Quarterly, 197, 183 -203.

  • Bettinger, C., Roderick, A., Keller, A., & Koepke, D. (2008). Until lions have their own historians. Proceedings from 38th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology: Archives, Accountability, and Democracy in the Digital Age. Stockholm: Sweden.