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Ali Borjian is Professor in the Department of Elementary Education at San Francisco State University. Dr. Borjian is a Fulbright scholar and has conducted research on cross national teacher education programs. He is a teacher trainer and scholar whose work has been recognized both nationally and internationally. His research interests include teacher education and context of learning for immigrant children and youth. Prior to receiving his doctorate Dr. Borjian was an elementary school teacher.


Ph.D. Language Learning and Policy (Stanford University)

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Borjian, A., Muñoz de Cote, L. M., van Dijk, S., Houde, P. (2016). Transnational Children in Mexico: Context of Migration and Adaptation, Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 42-54.  DOI: 10.1080/15595692.2015.1084920 (link)

Borjian, A. (2015). Obstacles to Learning English in Mexico. CATESOL Journal, Volume 27, Issue 1, Pages 163-173. (link)

Borjian, A. & Padilla A. (2010). Voices from Mexico:  How U.S. teachers can meet the needs of immigrant students. The Urban Review, Volume 42, Issue 4, Pages 316-328. (link)

Book Chapters

Borjian, A. (2015). Learning About Undocumented Students: Methodological and Practical Implications. In M. Lengeling and I. Mora Pablo (Eds.), Perspectives on Qualitative Research: Selection of articles from the Fifth International Qualitative Conference (pp. 469-485). Mexico: University of Guanajuato Press. (link)

Borjian, A. (2015).  Linguistic Rights and the Realities of Transnational Students. Comunicación Social: Retos y Perspectivas, In Ruiz Miyares L., Muñoz Alvarado A., Álvarez Silva M. R., Pérez Joa Y. y Daileen Jackson Rodríguez (eds.), Comunicación Social: Retos y Perspectivas, pp. 31-33, Santiago de Cuba: Ediciones Centro de Lingüística Aplicada, ISBN: 978-959-7174-30-1. (link)

Borjian, A.  (2013).  Three Stories from the City: Interpretations and Analysis of Teaching and Learning, In M. Lengeling, I. Mora Pablo, & J. A. Shanahan (Eds.), Qualitative Research and Interpretation: Selection of articles from the Third International Qualitative Conference (pp. 325-349). Mexico: University of Guanajuato Press. (link)

Reference Book

Amado M. Padilla and Ali Borjian, (2009). “Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages”, In Psychology of Classroom Learning: An Encyclopedia, Eric Anderman, (ed.),  (pp. 541-544).  Macmillan Reference USA.  ISBN 13: 9780028661674 (link)

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