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First-year Milestone: Qualifying Examination



By Mark Reibstein

My journey through SF State’s Ed.D.program began somewhat paradoxically. While I did have some aspirations to lead within the field of secondary education, I had none to work as a school site or district administrator.

“You’re kind of a square peg in a round hole here, aren’t you?” the director of the program asked me on our first day. I agreed.

The power of storytelling is that a well crafted, well told story can move people to reflection, action and transformation. Daniel Meier, Professor of Elementary Education at San Francisco State University, has devoted himself to exploring the power of narrative inquiry in education for P-12 students, doctoral candidates, and educational leaders.

Christine Solari is Administrative Director of the Teaching and Mentoring Academy at Stanford University’s School of Medicine supporting and recognizing excellence in teaching and mentoring.  She recently completed her dissertation titled “It’s Tensious Work: A Case Study of Anti-racist Educators."

The so-called “school-to-prison pipeline” has essentially funneled many promising young students from school to prison, where potential talent withers, rather than into higher education opportunities that may lead to lucrative and productive jobs and a lifetime of contribution.

Damien Robinson ('13) graduated from the SFSU Doctoral Program in May 2013. He is currently an Academic Coach with the Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success Program (ACES) at Montgomery College in Maryland. As an ACES Academic Coach he has been instrumental in using his research to develop and implement this flagship program.

The word “hope” has become a buzzword in the media and social and political movements to describe optimism toward building a better society.

Robert Nakamoto ('17), sencond year SFSU Ed.D. student, currently serves as a Behavior Specialist with the Berkeley Unified School District and an instructor in the Public and Human Services Program at Berkeley City College. Mr. Nakamoto is currently a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership program at San Francisco State University with research interests in culturally sustaining pedagogy and urban educational praxis.