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Grad Spotlight: Mary Streshly on Stepping into Educational Leadership and Embodying Lessons from her Dissertation

“I’ve never been afraid to take risks,” said SF State University Ed.D. grad Mary Streshly (’15), recently named superintendent of Sequoia Union High School District.

Streshly comes to Sequoia with extensive experience in high school districts, as well as a focus on communication, student-centered learning, and community building. She most recently served as assistant superintendent in the Campbell Union High School District. Prior to that, she did her first stint at Sequoia as a bilingual resource teacher.

2017 Ed.D. Research Colloquium: Innovation and Impact in Educational Leadership

Quality, innovation, and impact in educational leadership were at the core of research  presented by current Ed.D. students at the 2017 annual research colloquium. The event focused on research in support of a more equitable and socially just education system at P-12 public schools, community colleges, and other higher education settings.

Vincent Matthews: Paying it Forward & Giving it Back as SFUSD’s New Superintendent

Vincent Matthews: Paying it Forward & Giving it Back as SFUSD’s New Superintendent

"Making things happen for kids I know has the opportunity to change their life outcomes, and the reason I know that is because it happened for me," said SFSU Ed.D. grad Vincent Matthews ('10), who recently took the helm as superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District, a district in which he was once a student.

Faculty Spotlight: Genie Stowers on Data and the Equity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of Cities

In an era of increasing privatization of city services – either to nonprofit or for-profit entities – it is easy to lose sight of the services cities still do provide, and how equitable, efficient, and effective cities are at providing those services to their citizens.

The Power of Narrative Inquiry for Teachers

Stories are among the primary ways our brains make memories, and when used in the right way, they can also help us solve problems in our life and work.

In their new book, Narrative Inquiry in Early Childhood and Elementary School: Learning to Teach, Teaching Well, San Francisco State professors Stephanie Sisk-Hilton and Daniel Meier help teachers explore the use of narrative inquiry.

Faculty Spotlight: Sheldon Gen Examines Roadmap to Peace in the Mission

Dr. Sheldon Gen is an associate professor in the School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, and a Senior Researcher with the Cesar Chavez Institute. He has been an active member of the EDDL Faculty since the program’s inception in 2007. His research interest is in public engagement in policy making processes, focusing on environmental and education policy issues. Dr. Gen’s commitment to serving communities goes back to his work with the Peace Corps in Kenya.